About us

Zute Dunje doo is a company engaged in exporting and importing as well the retail and wholesale of fruits and vegetables to domestic and foreign partners. Our team is committed to ensuring that maximum meet the needs of all partners and end consumers. Special attention was paid to storage and distribution of fruit and vegetables, which ensures that at all times we offer fresh and quality products. Visit our business units together and sail in a world of successful !!!!

We care !

We are committed to supply a market with fresh and quality fruits and vegetables, which meets the highest international standards.

Fruits and vegetables are procured and distributed on a daily basis, and storage it in a refrigerated devices, by which we provide and offer always fresh and quality produce.

Every day we buy fresh fruit and vegetables from local producers.

Our professional staff strives to provide you at any time to meet and satisfy your requirements.


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Žute Dunje d.o.o. PJ Petrovaradin
Bozidara Adzije br.1a
Srbija, 21131 Petrovaradin
++381 69 627 469
++381 21 551 259
06:00 - 23:00 h
Žute Dunje d.o.o. Ogranak Šabac
Maršala Tita br.2
Srbija, 15000 Šabac
++381 15 380 272
++381 15 380 192
06:00 - 23:00 h